Sailing Tips

Basic Sailing Terms

As a sailor you know that each and every day on the sea brings different challenges and events.  The sea looks different each day, the winds are different and the tides differentiate regularly.   It can be quite easy for a sailor to misjudge the weather or tide and end up with some damage to a sail boat or kayak.  Kayak and boat repairs are often incredibly expensive but luckily you don’t have to save up for months to get your repairs done because you can have instant cash available to you with a payday loan.

What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is a temporary loan that you can take out at organizations like Instant Lolly to help you out of a difficult situation.  Instant Lolly loans are incredibly easy to obtain because you can apply for them online and get instant feedback regarding your application.  You also get instant payments the moment your loan is approved on any day of the week. When you take out a loan at Instant Lolly you can choose a loan period between 1 – 18 months.  The interest rates are also low enough for you to be able to afford the payday loan comfortably.


Perfect for repairs

Payday loans are perfect for repairs to your boat or kayak.  You can get your sails fixed, repair a leak or crack in the deck or get your boat repainted so it will be protected against the harmful elements of nature.  You don’t have to wait for payday to get your repairs done.  You can simply apply for a temporary loan and pay the loan back in the way that suits you best.

Fund your next race or expedition

Holidays, trips and races can be expensive because there is always an entry fee to pay.  You always need a piece of equipment or a matching outfit and you will need cash for transportation, food and beverages.  With a payday loan you can turn an average sail trip into a mini holiday and enjoy great accommodation, extra activities and much more.

Get new gear

You no longer have to miss out on fantastic deals for gear for your sail boat or kayak.  With a payday loan, you can finally buy items that are on special when you want and save a lot of money.  You can get all the safety gear such as vests, straps and harnesses for your trips and be a lot safer when you venture into the depts. of the sea. Or you can replace old paddles and gear with new ones so you can enjoy your trips much more and look much better on your trips.  You can even invest in a full set of fishing gear so you can add extra activities to your sailing adventures and make the most out of each and every trip.

With a payday loan you don’t have to save money for special occasions, breakdowns, new gear or repairs.  You will have the money you need whenever you need it and you can use your loan in any way you see fit.…