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Hunting Gear That Is Handy On Your Sailboat

It is great to keep an eye out on hunting gear whether you are into hunting or not.  Hunting gear is designed to be very functional, most hunting gear serves multiple purposes and there are few accessories out there that are as tough and durable as hunting gear.  Hunting accessories serve much more purposes than just hunting.  These handy accessories are often top picks for various other sports such as camping, survival expeditions, 4×4 rallies and much more.  Many hunting accessories can also be very handy on and around your sailboat.  Here are a few examples of hunting gear that you absolutely must have great functionality out on the open waters.rifle-accessory-9808076

Hunting Gear That Is Handy On Your Sailboat

Spotting scope

Spotting scopes have been a popular accessory for sailors and captains since the moment these handy devices were first developed.  Today’s spotting scopes are incredibly handy and very diverse.  Spotting scopes are mostly used in hunting and target practice but is a very handy accessory to have on your sailboat even in our modern times.  With a scope, you can easily spot other ships on the horizon, enjoy whale watching and basically spy on any creatures that live in and around the sea.  Spotting scopes are also great for taking long distance photographs or even for star gazing.  These scopes are also very functional since they are compatible with most cameras and camera tripods. On Crow Survival you can check out the Best Hunting Spotting Scopes that will be very handy on sailing expeditions.

Hunting knife

A good old hunting knife is a very handy accessory on the sailboat or anywhere else for that matter.  Hunting knives are incredibly sturdy and can be used for a huge variety of tasks.  These knives are great for cutting things like rope and fishing line on deck, for opening things, for eating and even for skinning and preparing your catch of the day.

Waterproof hunting jacket

Things can get pretty damp and chilly when you are enjoying an early morning sailing expedition.  A waterproof hunting jacket is a very handy piece of attire to keep you warm and dry during these early sailing expeditions, especially since these jackets look so great.


Hunting backpacks have plenty of compartments where you can store all of your gear.  They are incredibly sturdy, have a great weight capacity and are designed for comfortable carrying on long expeditions.  These backpacks are also great accessories to use when you are packing for your fun trips.

Medical kit

Medical kits are always great to tag along on any type of expedition.  Hunting medical kits are the best because they are so mobile and contain a great variety of surviving elements that are handy for dressing wounds and treating other injuries or for basic survival when something goes wrong while you are out on the open waters.

Hunting gear is a terrific investment for anyone that loves to enjoy adventures and especially for those sailors that love to seek out fun things to do while they are taking journeys on the open waters.