Sailing Tips

Vacation Adventures for Sailors

Sailors spend a lot of time out on the sea away from their families, so going on vacations once a year is must for them. During vacations, they can release the strain accommodated throughout the year and spend quality time with family.

Sailors have a tough job; they don’t have much time to spend with their family. If it stays like this, your children start feeling neglected. For that reason, going on different adventures around the world with your kids is essential.

These adventures aid you forget work and tensions for a while and enjoy the adrenaline rush. Vacations revive your inner self and help you rejuvenate. Some of the adventures you can go on with your family are:

Vacation Adventures for Sailors

Fishing in Cozumel:

Cozumel is a scenic island in Mexico and one of the best fishing and snorkeling spots in the world. As a sailor, you would want to pass on the opportunity of going fishing, but by taking your children fishing, you can show them what your line of work is about.

The Cozumel Mexico fishing tours give you a wonderful fishing experience at low cost. You get to catch a large number of different species of fish including blackfin tuna found rarely. By going fishing with you, your children can get an insight to your work and at the same time enjoy catching fish with you; you can take this fish along with you and Bar Be Que or grill it for dinner.

The Cozumel Mexico fishing tours provide you with bait as well as fishing equipment. The guides are experienced and well conversant in English, so you don’t have a language barrier either. People who have gone fishing at the Cozumel say that it was the best part of their trip and it was a once in a lifetime experience; they would always come back to experience it again.

Microlight flight:

All of us have dreamt of being a pilot one day, the dream fades away with time but stays in our unconscious mind. Similarly, your children will enjoy being pilot for a day. A Microlight flight makes you feel like a pilot. The jet is flown at low altitudes; it gives you a mesmerizing feeling. You can go on it individually or as a family.

The air you feel on your face makes you feel out of the world. They land underneath you look magical. You can go for a Microlight flight to many places, but the Durban South Africa is the most famous. You can also see sea lions playing from the top.

Cage diving with white sharks:

If you and your children are up for a proper adventure, this is the thing for you. It is scary, exciting, and fun all at the same time. You get to see white sharks at an arm’s length. The adrenaline rush when the sharks come near you is amazing and makes you feel a mixture of emotions a once.

You can go cage diving with white sharks in South Australia and South Africa. South Africa has a Wild West feel to it as compared to South Australia.

Ice Climbing:

Ice climbing teaches you and your children a lot part of giving you the feel of going on an adventure. Ice climbing can be done in countless parts of the world but ensure you do complete research before choosing a place for ice climbing. The sense of accomplishment and not to lose hope while climbing teaches your children an important life lesson.

Make sure you hire a guide to going ice climbing, or it might turn out to be a mishap rather than an adventure.